Aqua Lung Kodiak SAR 360 Drysuit


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Featuring full wrap Captive Suspension Flex panels at the waist and thighs, the Aqua Lung Kodiak SAR 360 Drysuit is all about maximum mobility and comfort! Perfect for SAR teams that require drysuits that fit a wide range of divers with optimal mobility.

  • Swiftwater version does not include valves (only available in red)
  • True Self-Entry design. Patented horizontal zipper placement across the chest allows high mobility and easy self-entry. (10” convenience dry zipper available)
  • Featuring 360° wrap Captive Suspension (U.S. Patent #6,715,149) flex panels at the waist and knees. These double- layered stretchable gussets allow us to build a snug fitting, more streamlined suit without any loss of mobility or flexibility. It also increases comfort while you dive.
  • Adjustable Molded Back Pad Suspenders ensure a proper fit while offering additional warmth and protection to the kidneys.
  • Whites heavy-duty molded rubber valve pads create a watertight seal and provide suit reinforcement.
  • Black Heavy –Duty molded Air Control Kneepads with adjustable ankle straps to minimize air transfer to the boots.
  • Attached shell socks. (7mm Vulcanized Neoprene Insulated Boots available)
  • Si Tech low profile automatic/adjustable exhaust valve with ratchet faceplate installed on LEFT BICEPT. (Left Forearm placement available upon request)
  • Si Tech swivel inflate valve installed on CHEST CENTER allows LP hose connection from any angle.
  • Bell -shaped, Heavy -Duty and UV- resistant latex wrist and neck seals. These have been designed to resist tearing or running, a Whites exclusive. Can be trimmed for more accurate fit. (Optional Neoprene tuck seals available)
  • Pocket Matrix Base Plates (pocket attachment system) one on each thigh.
  • 1 Matrix Pro Pocket installed on RIGHT THIGH.

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