Dive Rescue Technical Repair Center

Please contact us before sending any repair items to Dive Rescue International. Some repairs may need to be sent direct to the manufacturer.

Contact Info

Phone: (800) 248-3483 ext. 24
Email: [email protected]
Form: Mask & Dry Suit Repair Request Form
Form: Comm Rope Repair Request Form

Repair Capabilities

  • Dry Suits
    • Patches, Neck Seals, Wrist Seals, Hood Replacement
    • Relief & Shoulder Zippers/Reinforcements
    • Relocate Valves, New Valves
  • Aqua Lung
    • 13 Inflator / Flat E-Valve
  • Interspiro Divator MKII Full Face Mask
    • Annual Service & Trouble Shooting
    • New Visor and Hatch Installation
    • EMA-II Communication Units
    • Parts Sales and Technical Support
  • Communication Rope Services
    • Retro Fit Communication Rope
    • Custom Pigtails
    • Installation of New Connectors
      • High Use Connector (HUC)
      • Male & Female Amp Connector
      • Marsh Marine Connectors
      • Double Banana Plug Connectors

Video Tutorials