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  • Mr. Wilson was an excellent instructor and is well qualified as he applies his methods of instruction to practical applications.
    I would highly recommend this training, I learned many skills I can apply in real-life incidents. Steve is an excellent trainer, he knows his stuff and it shows.
    I would recommend the class. This drastically increased my job/diving related skills. Started with zero training and left confident and proficient in skills. Andrea Troyer
  • I felt that the instructor took his time in order for everyone in the class to understand what was being taught. The class offered new ideas for our personal dive teams to utilize. it was just a great class and the instructor was awesome.

    I recommend this class to people involved in PSD. I primarily enjoyed having the chance to work with different roles of public safety including police and fire. It helps bridge the gap between the roles of each side.

    I learned so much during the 3 days. I felt as if i am more prepared to assist my county dive team at a more competent level.
    Andrea Troyer

Customers from the past year

    • Saint Paul Fire Department (MN)
    • Virginia Port Authority (VA)
    • Rice County Sheriff’s Department (MN)
    • Trumbull Police Department (CT)
    • Charlotte Fire Department (NC)
    • Littleton Fire Rescue (CO)
    • Kent County Sheriff’s Department (MI)
    • Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Dept (CA)
    • Larimer County Dive Rescue Team (CO)
    • Airdrie Emergency Services (Alberta, CA)
    • Texas Township Fire Department (MI)
    • Saginaw County Sheriff’s Dept (MI)
    • Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department (OH)
    • Salisbury Fire Department (MD)
    • Hawaii Fire Department (HI)
    • New Bedford Police Department (MA)
    • West Seneca Fire District (NY)
    • Morgantown Police Department (WV)
    • Milwaukee Fire Department (WI)
    • Westport Fire Department (CT)
    • Scottsbluff Fire Department (NE)
    • Mitchell Fire Department (SD)
    • Baltimore City Fire Department (MD)
    • Toledo Fire Rescue (OH)
    • Lewisville Fire Department (TX)
    • Marin County Sheriff’s Office (CA)
    • Kalamazoo County Water Safety (MI)
    • Rochester Police Department (NY)
    • Warsaw Wayne Fire Territory (IN)
    • Plainfield Fire Protection District (IL)
    • Lyndhurst Fire Department (OH)
    • Ridgeland Fire Department (MS)
    • Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office (WA)
    • Huron Fire Department (OH)
    • Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office (MI)
    • Marquette County Sheriff’s Office (MI)
    • Summit Co. Water Rescue Team (CO)
    • Ravalli County Search and Rescue (MT)
    • Logan County Sheriff’s Office (CO)
    • Pike Township Fire Department (IN)
    • Muscatine Fire Department (IA)
    • Farmington Fire Department (UT)
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (VA)

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