organize and manage large and small-scale water rescue scenes

Duration – 2 days (16 hours)
Recommended for – Dive team members, water rescue team members, law enforcement and fire service personnel


  • Member of a public safety agency
  • At least 18 years old

Areas of Focus:

  • Utilizing incident management system for water rescue
  • Performing incident assessment at a simulated emergency situation
  • Creating written incident objectives for a water emergency event
  • Listing strategic and tactical considerations for various emergency water situations
  • Determining management position requirements for water rescue events
  • Demonstrating the expansion and contraction of Incident Management System to meet the needs of the incident
  • Discussing tactics for large and small-scale events
  • Demonstrating resource deployment, personnel accountability, logistics management, and implementation of tactics at a simulated rescue event
  • Performing risk management activities
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This course takes incident command principles and applies them to large and small-scale water rescue scenes. Students participate in incident command scenarios and make risk management decisions. Through practice during scenario execution and discussion students prepare for incidents of various magnitudes where the local NIMS-based ICS may transition to Unified Command.

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