How To Become a Host

Dive Rescue, Host a Program
  • Call Dive Rescue International (800) 248-3483 to receive a sample hosting package
  • The hosting agency chooses a course
  • The hosting agency chooses a date
  • Together we finalize the paper work
  • Hosting agency secures a swimming pool (not necessary for non-diving courses)
  • Hosting agency secures a classroom
  • Hosting agency secures an openwater site (except for classroom only courses)
  • Hosting agency checks the mandatory equipment list to ensure the equipment is available during the course
  • Brochures are finalized and published on the Dive Rescue International’s website
Host a Class Form

Required Classroom Equipment

  • Classroom seating (tables and chairs for each student)
  • Screen
  • Video tape player and monitor
  • Overhead projector
  • Whiteboard with markers
  • PowerPoint projector and laptop computer with DVD player

Individual Course Equipment

Contact the Training Department for Course Equipment Lists

Benefits of Becoming a Host

Call (800) 248-3483 to request a sample hosting packet or complete the Host a Class Form.

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