Dry Suit Diving Trainer

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Without the proper protection from your potentially hazardous diving environment your rescue/recovery operation may be hindered or even worse, halted. One of the first steps to preparing for contaminated water or ice diving is learning how to dive in a dry suit.
The Dry Suit Diving Trainer program is conducted in a classroom, pool and an open-water site to allow students to practice their new skills in a controlled environment before the field scenarios.

Course Topics

  • Dry Suit History
  • Types of Dry Suits
  • Dry Suit Accessories
  • Proper Sizing and Custom Adjustments
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Repairs, Care and Maintenance.

The Dry Suit Diving Trainer program is presented in a classroom, a pool and at an open-water site.

3 days (24 hours)

Recommended For
Current Public Safety Scuba Instructors and Dive Rescue I Trainers


  • Sponsorship by a public safety agency, current Public Safety Scuba Instructor or current Dive Rescue I Trainer
  • 21 years of age
  • 10 Dry Suit dives
  • Current First Aid certificaton
  • Current CPR certification
  • Paramedic or EMT certification is applicable
  • This program is designed for personnel who are physically fit. Participants are encouraged to participate after successfully completing the IADRS Watermanship Test or testing to a fitness level of 13 MET (Metabolic Equivalents) or greater. Participants with aerobic fitness questions or concerns should consult their physician prior to in-water training.