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Student Evaluations from the Dive Rescue 1 class in Trumbull, CT

Mr. Wilson was an excellent instructor and is well qualified as he applies his methods of instruction to practical applications.
I would highly recommend this training, I learned many skills I can apply in real-life incidents. Steve is an excellent trainer, he knows his stuff and it shows.
I would recommend the clas. This drastically increased my job/diving related skills. Started with zero training and left confident and proficient in skills.

Student comments from our Dive Rescue I in South Haven, MI

I felt that the instructor took his time in order for everyone in the class to understand what was being taught. The class offered new ideas for our personal dive teams to utilize. it was just a great class and the instructor was awesome.

I recommend this class to people involved in PSD. I primarily enjoyed having the chance to work with different roles of public safety including police and fire. It helps bridge the gap between the roles of each side.

I learned so much during the 3 days. I felt as if i am more prepared to assist my county dive team at a more competent level.

Student comments from our Swiftwater Rescue series in Golden, CO

Absolutely excellent training

Don’t know if there is any better place to get this level of training in water. We will be able share all of this knowledge with the rest of the department. More confident with any rescues our team may be called on.

Absolutely would recommend this training hands down. This has given me an incredible skill set that I will bring to my department. I loved every second of it. it was challenging, exciting and so much fun. A huge thanks to Jerry (instructor)

Jerry was outstanding, one hell of a guy and instructor. Top notch class. Thanks to him and the Golden Fire Department

I will highly recommend this program and will encourage my department to send more people to this class and it has increased my knowledge and job skills 10-fold.

Student comments from our Dive Rescue 1 class in Knoxville, TN

The class was very informative, and helped build more team skills. Organization was great during duration of class. Very intelligent and helpful instructor. Hope to take another class from him in the future.

I would highly recommend this program. I learned a lot from this class and will continue to practice what I learned in this program.

Excellent knowledge and instruction of operation and organization methods. Will want to bring this program to our agency in the future as well as other courses.



Customer Comments from our Ice Diving Operations class in Marquette, MI

“Good Information. Showed areas our dive team can work on and equipment needed.”

“Since I had no ice skills it was awesome. I can’t say enough of how good Jerry did for this program.”

“It increased my confidence as a diver tremendously”

“Highly recommend the program. Was very useful.”

“Very good program. Excellent Instructor.”

“Excellent course. A lot of new information presented.”

Student comments from our Winter Series in Greeley, CO

I would recommend this (Ice Diving Operations) course. This course did increase my job skills and I want to take these skills back to my department and make our ice diving ops safer.

I would highly recommend this (Dry Suit Repair) program to anyone with a Dive Team.

As always, I learned something new from Jerry and this is the 3rd time I have taken the Interpsiro Technician course. Jerry is a great asset to Dive Rescue International.

Dive Rescue I – Wooster, OH

This program prepared me to perform the task at hand on the job. I feel prepared and confident in my role as a rescue diver. <This> program was delivered incredibly well by Dave Moore. What a professional, and overall exceptional individual! He brought incredible insight and knowledge that really brought life to this program. 10/2014