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Aqualung Military Technical Bulletin – Power Inflator Inspection

Aqualung Military Technical Bulletin – Power Inflator Inspection
Affected Military Equipment: Aqua Lung and Apeks BC’s purchased since 01Jan2015 with Powerlines marked with the letter “H”
Any Powerline inflator body marked with a date code beginning with the letter “H” needs to be in inspected.
Download the flyer for more information: miltechbul_powerline_inflator_recall_ooc39

Aqua Lung select power inflators consumer recall notice.

Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary product recall of select Powerline inflators. Powerline inflators are found on all Aqua Lung Buoyancy Compensators and the Apeks Black Ice Buoyancy Compensator. If you have purchased an Aqua Lung BCD/Apeks Black Ice since January 1, 2015, it will need to be inspected to determine if it meets the specific criteria and requires updating. Aqua Lung is concerned that a failure may occur during a dive, causing the Powerline to continue inflating after the inflation button has been released, increasing the potential of an uncontrolled ascent. While there have been reports of this occurring underwater, there have not been any reported injuries, and Aqua Lung believes that a voluntary recall is the safe and prudent thing to do.


Inflators beginning with an H date code need to be serviced – Requires an Update


Inflators with an H date code with 2-dots has been updated at the factory – No further action required


Button covers with no center dot indicate the inflator may need action – Check date code


Button covers with a center dot indicate the inflator has been updated – No further action required


AQUA LUNG Consumer Notice – RECALL

All SureLock II Rubber Weight Pocket Handles

Both versions of rubber handle are being recalled

Both versions of rubber handle are being recalled

The replacement handle uses webbing instead of rubber.

The replacement handle uses webbing instead of rubber.

Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary recall of all SureLock II rubber weight pocket handles.
SureLock II is the mechanical weight release system found on most Aqua Lung buoyancy
compensators (BCs) beginning in 2009. Whether you have an original rubber handle or one of
the revised rubber handles from the previous recall, Aqua Lung would now like to replace it with
the latest generation handle, p/n 12396. Aqua Lung is concerned about the life expectancy of
both models of rubber handles. A failure may occur due to separation of the rubber, cracking,
tearing or breaking. If this were to occur during a dive, the weight pocket would be left engaged
inside the BC. While there are no known occurrences of this happening underwater, and there
have not been any reported injuries, Aqua Lung believes that a recall is the safe and prudent
thing to do. The newest generation of handle does not rely upon rubber and is considered much
stronger and safer.

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using their BCs with Sure Lock II rubber weight
pocket handles. Bring the pockets to your nearest authorized Aqua Lung Dive Retailer or Dive
Center. They will be able to replace your handles for you while you wait, as changing handles is
a quick process. The replacement is made under warranty and you will not incur any charges.
This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Consumer Contact – for additional assistance please call (855) 355-7170 or visit and click on the Recall Notice.



Salt Lake City, Utah (February 4, 2016) – Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), voluntarily issued a recall, subject to user inspection, of carabiners/quickdraws because of the possibility of defects in the gate that could cause the carabiner to fail or function incorrectly.

This recall concerns carabiners/quickdraws with manufacturing codes between 4350 and 6018. The complete list of carabiners, quickdraws and harness, belay and rock protection packages concerned by the recall is below.

In some carabiners, the gate rivets (in solid gate carabiners) and wire ends (in wiregate carabiners) attaching the gate to the carabiner body may not be properly manufactured, potentially resulting in the gate becoming detached.

Additionally, in some screwgate carabiners, the locking sleeve may not have been correctly assembled, resulting in a locking carabiner that does not lock properly.

No accidents have been reported; however, in the interest of customer safety, Black Diamond has decided to voluntarily issue a recall, subject to user inspection.

If you own carabiners/quickdraws that fall within the scope of this recall, Black Diamond is requesting that you inspect them following the procedures outlined below. If your carabiners/quickdraws fail inspection, stop use immediately and contact Black Diamond. We will replace your carabiners/ quickdraws free of charge.

The instructions below will take you through the inspection procedures for the carabiners covered in this recall. We will be asking you to inspect for the following:
– For solid gate carabiners: gates are properly riveted.
– For wiregate carabiners: gate wire ends are properly formed.
– For screwgate locking carabiners: the gates and locking sleeves are assembled correctly and function properly.
– All carabiner gates fully close when released from any position.

Mustang Survival Recall Advisory Notice for MD315x/MD318x Model Inflatable PFD’s

January 4, 2016 Canada, International News, National
Mustang-Survival If you have purchased any of the models of inflatable PFDs listed below from September 2014 onwards, please click the corresponding link below for important recall information. Canada: MD3153, MD3154 or MD3157: English Advisory Notice & FAQs | French Advisory Notice & FAQs – USA: MD3183, MD3184 or MD3188: US Advisory Notice & FAQs – Please note: Not all versions of the models listed above are affected by this recall advisory notice. Please ensure to read the advisory notice and follow the steps outlined in order to identify if your version is affected. Read the notice here:

Voluntary Recall of certain Galileo Sol and Luna dive Computers

Voluntary Recall of certain Galileo Sol and Luna dive Computers
SCUBAPRO has notified the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that it is voluntarily recalling 1,486 UWATEC Galileo Luna and Sol dive computers sold in the United States beginning May 7, 2015. This provides you with information on the recall along with details on the logistics that will be used to complete the recall.

We learned from a small number of consumer communications that certain Galileo dive computers experienced screen freezes. No injuries have been reported. Out of an abundance of caution, and consistent with our safety-first philosophy, SCUBAPRO is voluntarily recalling dive computers with specific serial numbers.
The affected products are UWATEC Galileo Luna and Sol dive computers with these serial numbers:

Galileo LUNA: from 150422 0058 001 to 150903 0338 005
Galileo SOL: from 150423 0202 001 to 150921 0001 005

If your UWATEC Galileo Luna or Sol dive computer does not have a serial number in the ranges listed above, then it does not fall within the scope of this recall.

Consumers with affected computers should return them to an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer or to SCUBAPRO directly. Please call our toll free hotline at 1-800-790-3757 to register for the recall and we will mail you a return form
and a postage-prepaid box to return your affected units to us.

Consumers will receive free replacement units in early 2016.
Download the return form here:…/151e7c86-0fa6-45b4-8356-126af6c7…

Patriotic Employer Award

Justin Fox and Dive Rescue International have been the awarded the Patriotic Employer Award by the organization Employer Support of Guard and Reserve.  Dakota Koolmees is our Equipment Quartermaster and a First Lieutenant in the 364th Engineer Company of the U.S. Army Reserve. We appreciate the service and sacrifice of all of our Armed Forces. Dakota, thank you for serving