Dry Suit Repair Class

Students in this class will discuss how to maintain and repair minor tears, punctures, and holes in vulcanized rubber and trilaminate dry suits. There will be a demonstration of wrist ring, cuff seal, neck seal, and hood installation. Leak testing procedures will also be addressed. Glue and patch materials will be provided for training use during the class. Students are encouraged to bring their own dry suits to class for repair and testing. Each student should bring a Dremel-type moto tool with a Dremel # 952 tapered grinding stone.

  • Maintenance • Dry suit repair of leaks from tears, punctures, torn or worn seals, and zippers
  • Testing for leaks
  • Replacing neck seals
  • Replacing hoods
  • Replacing wrist seals

Duration – 1 day (8 hours)
Recommended for – Dive team members, water rescue team members, law enforcement and fire service personnel

Prerequisites – At least 18 years old.