DRI Body Recovery System



The DRI Body Recovery System is an essential tool in underwater recovery. This nylon reinforced vinyl and heavy duty woven polyester mesh is made to drain rapidly yet keep important forensic evidence intact. The Lift Bridle connects to the Body Bag in four points and to a 50lb lift bag to facilitate victim recovery. This unique design by Dive Rescue International keeps the Body Bag just below the surface to keep the contents private to onlookers and to remain sensitive to the victims family. Can also be used to haul other heavy items to the surface.

  • Allows underwater packing of victim and related evidence
  • Self draining and durable
  • Equipped with a built in lift system containing a 50 lbs lift bag and bridle
  • Includes storage bag
  • Multi use
  • Easily cleaned

Replacement parts for Body Recovery System

  • Replacement Lift Bridle #6090C
  • Replacement Body Bag #6090A
  • Replacement Storage Bag for Body Recovery System use Barrel Bag #6085
  • Replacement 50 lbs. Carter Open Bottom Lift Bag #6175