Improve your ability to recognize and respond to public safety divers in distress while on the surface, or when submerged.

Training Schedule & Map

Rapid Intervention Techniques
Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
Recommended for: certified divers and surface support personnel


  • Member of a public safety agency
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Proof of Dive Rescue 1 Specialist certification
  • Students diving in dry suits must submit proof of dry suit training with registration
  • Complete RSTC Medical Statement (including physician signature, if applicable)
Course Registration
Dive Rescue I Training Program from Dive Rescue International


After completing this program, the Public Safety Diver (PSD) will have established a baseline set of skill processes and knowledge to recognize and respond to PSDs in distress while on the surface, or when submerged.


•Safety diver roles and responsibilities • Comprehensive safety check • Signs of distress • Rapid Intervention Techniques to assist conscious and unconscious Public Safety Divers • Rapid Intervention Techniques to assist submerged divers in distress • Special considerations concerning staging safety divers • Specialized equipment

Note To Applicants
This program is designed for personnel who are physically fit. Participants are encouraged to participate after successfully completing the IADRS Watermanship Test or testing to a fitness level of 13 MET (Metabolic Equivalents) or greater. Participants with aerobic fitness questions or concerns should consult their physician prior to in-water training. Participants who have poor aerobic fitness may attend this program as surface support personnel with the approval of the instructor.